Fivebraids Cutting Board Medallion

Fivebraids Custom Woodworking, Inc.

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Metter, Georgia


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Fivebraids Cutting Board Medallion

Workshops - Past and Present

Metter, Georgia

This is our new shop.  It's a 40' x 64' stand-alone building that took Denise and I a year to build. (I need to get some updated pictures since these are a few years old and things have changed...a lot!)

GA Shop 1 GA Shop 2 GA Shop 3 GA Shop 4

Warrenton, Virginia

This is shop in the two car garage attached to my house in Virginia. It was even more crowded than the garage in Arizona, especially since the Harley lived in there when possible.

VA Shop 1 VA Shop 2 VA Shop 3 VA Shop 4

Scottsdale, Arizona

This is where it all started, a two car garage attached to my house in Scottsdale. It got pretty crowded in there pretty quick.

AZ Shop 1 AZ Shop 2 AZ Shop 3 AZ Shop 4 AZ Shop 5 AZ Shop 6