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Closet Remodel

Too many builders equip modern closets with simple wire racks that don't allow for proper utilization of all the space in the closet. That was the case with this closet. The builder had installed single level wire clothes hanger racks on only two of the three walls.

Here's what the closet looked like before we started:

Closet remodel

In addition to increasing the volume of clothes that could be hung in the closet, we had to accommodate the clients extensive shoe collection, as well as her husbands extensive boot collection.

We solved both challenges by creating double-decker clothes hanging units on each side of the closet:

closet remodel closet remodel

...and a massive shoe rack on the previously empty back wall:

closet remodel

This closet remodel was relatively straightforward and simple. We can help solve any sort of closet problem you might have, regardless of how simple or complex it might be. We can create a modular solution that incorporates rods for hanging clothes, shoe racks, columns of drawers, columns of shelves, or any combination that you might want or need.