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Fivebraids Cutting Board Medallion


Pelin Burl Jewelry Armoire


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The following email arrived via the feedback form on this site:


I found your work online, and it is beautiful. I have a big collection (160 necklaces, 280 pairs of earrings) that I would like to store in one place. Can you make something to hold my collection? Preferably would match our bedroom set, we have the Prestigia Mobican 600 set in teak, but would not be averse to something complimentary.


Thus began the process.  Pictures of the room where this piece was going to live, along with pictures of the existing pieces in the room were obtained. Several initial concepts were discussed, along with dimensions and potential materials.


The client was then educated on the use and benefits of high quality veneer, and spent some time going through the online inventory of the supplier we use.  Once the field had been narrowed to a few complimentary burl veneers, and a few possible secondary veneers, the actual design work started.  With the basic design established, several exterior embellishments and base designs were considered.  


Two complimentary veneers were chosen, one for the exterior, another for the interior surfaces.  After careful consideration (and consulting with a designer), it was decided that the entire piece would be constructed using an imported Pelin Burl veneer. All of the veneer would be book-matched across all surfaces, interior and exterior.


 Here's the sketch of the final approved design:



The project started with this pile of material:



Roughly nine weeks later, that pile of material was turned into this:



The clients main requirement was to house her collection of 160 necklaces, and 280 pairs of earrings.  Careful layout and design allows this piece to accommodate her collection with plenty of room to grow.  As delivered, it can house an incredible 264 necklaces and 600 pairs of earrings!


The tall pullouts on top will house necklaces on solid brass hooks, with matching earrings carried on the Mahogany racks above.  The lower shorter pullouts will house overflow earrings, or those without matching necklaces.  The remaining interior space is taken up by a set of five drawers that will house any odd shaped items. (The drawers were lined in felt, but pictures were not taken after the lining was added.)





Here are a few pictures that show the book-matching of the veneer.  Notice how the same pattern that appears across the front of the doors also appears in the exact same place across the front of the interior.  The same continuity exists across the back of the doors as well as the sides of the case.





As good as the piece looks in the pictures above, they do it no justice whatsoever.  The beauty of the veneer can only be experienced in person!



Since this client was located in Virginia and wasn't able to come by the shop to see the progress of her project, I agreed to create a page on this site for her.  I updated it frequently so that she could see how things were going at any given time.


Here's a link to that page.


It has A LOT more detail and pictures for anyone interested.