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Fivebraids Cutting Board Medallion

Maple Office Credenza

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Gothic Altar


A client that we've done other work for contacted us to see if we could help them with a storage issue in their office. They had a set of open shelves that covered half of a wall, and wanted to know if we could build them a set of cabinets to go beneath the shelves.  They not only needed additional storage space, they also wanted to be able to secure items behind locked doors.


When we saw what they were dealing with, we suggested that we build them a full credenza to replace their current shelves as well as add cabinet space below.  Here's the "before" shot, showing their shelves and some of the items to be stored:

Before new credenza


They were open to the idea, so we came up with a basic design to present them:

Preliminary credenza design


They liked the idea, but wanted the top section to be as deep as the lower section. We agreed, made the changes to the design and presented them with this:

Full sized upper  Full sized upper, open


With the design approved, and maple chosen as the lumber species, it was time to build the lower cabinet.  The top. bottom, and sides were made from maple plywood.  A solid maple face frame was then attached to the front:

lower cabinet


Next, a set of large, sturdy pullouts/drawers were built and mounted:

Lower drawers  Lower drawers


With the lower carcass completed, it was time to move on to the upper.  Again, maple plywood was used for the top, bottom, and sides.  And, a solid maple face frame was attached:

Upper started  Upper face frame


Next came upper and lower doors, pulls, and locks, as well as upper crown molding:

Lower doors  Upper doors and crown


To avoid having a center stile on both the upper and lower cabinets, and yet allow them both to be securely locked, a false center stile was attached to the left hand door on each pair of doors.  This allows the right hand door to be locked to the cabinet face frame, and keeps the left door from being opened without first unlocking and opening the right hand door:

Left hand door - false stile  Right hand door with lock

Lock setup from inside


Base molding was made and attached to the lower carcass.  And a small waist molding was made and attached to the bottom of the upper carcass to visually pull both components  together and make it appear as a single unit.  Finally, sturdy adjustable shelves were built and installed.


With construction complete, all the doors and associated hardware was removed.  All components were given a final hand sanding ready for staining and finishing.


While cutting the maple ply for the cabinet carcasses, we took the time to mark where each piece came from.  This allowed us to build the carcasses in such a way that the grain of the plywood flowed directly from the upper to the lower on both sides.  It would be mostly unseen once stain was applied, but it was the right way to do it!



Ready for finishing   Ready for finishing


All components and both carcasses were stained and left to dry:



Once the stain was dry, the lower carcass was turned over and adjustable levelers were installed:

Installing levelers  Installed levelers


Several coats of sanding sealer were sprayed on, followed by several coats of top coat:

Lower finished  Lower doors

Upper and lower  Upper doors


Once the finish on all the components and carcasses cured, the doors and associated hardware was re-installed and the piece was ready for delivery:

Ready for delivery  Ready for delivery


Here's the credenza in its final home, with the before shot for comparison:  Before  Credenza installed


Mission accomplished!  Lockable storage that allowed our client to organize all the "stuff" in their office