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Fivebraids Cutting Board Medallion

Butcher Block End Grain Cutting Board Details and Options: ...

Wood Selection - We use only appropriate species of hardwoods. Some hardwoods are too soft, or too open grained and porous to be used. Most softwoods (Pine, Cedar, Cypress, etc.) are not at all appropriate for use on cutting boards, but can be incorporated into 'display-only' boards. Please contact us directly if you have a particular species of wood that you would like to have incorporated into a custom board.

Adhesive - We use only FDA approved waterproof glue

Finish - We finish our boards using only Food Grade (USP) Mineral Oil and Food Grade Paraffin Wax

Feet - Rubber feet are recessed into the bottom of a board, and attached using stainless steel screws. See below for information on two sided boards (without feet).

Grooves - We can add a blood/juice groove to any board in any design or pattern requested. (However, most clients find them a nuisance to keep properly cleaned and oiled.)

Edge Profile - We can add a round-over edge to any cutting board. However, most clients find that sliding cut up meat or produce off a cutting board is much easier and neater using the hand eased straighter edge we use on most of our boards.

Personalization - We can personalize your board in any of several different ways.

- We can have custom laser engraving done directly to the sides or bottom of the board

- We can have laser engraved medallions created and inlayed into the bottom or sides of boards

- We can have custom branding irons created which can be used on the bottom or sides of boards.

Please contact us directly for pricing, timing, and minimum order details on any customizations.

One or Two Sided - Most of our boards are one sided, and have recessed rubber feet mounted on the bottom. We've found that two sided boards are more prone to problems of cracking and warping. In use, a two sided board can sit in a puddle of liquid on a counter until after meal clean-up...or later. By lifting the cutting board off of the counter top with rubber feet, any spilled liquid is kept safely away from the underside of the board. By request, we can make a two sided board, but extra care must be taken to protect both sides.

Volume Discounts - We will offer volume discounts if a number of the same board is ordered. Contact us directly for quantity pricing details.